Creative Fundraising

Just a few ideas:

Pink pearls ribbon FundraisingHave a Group Garage Sale
Pink pearls ribbonOrganize a fundraising Car Wash
Pink pearls ribbon Host a Health Fair or Wellness Program
Pink pearls ribbonAdd a Raffle to your event
Pink pearls ribbonBring friends together for a lunch or dinner. Add a small fee about the set menu price – donate the difference to The Lorraine Jackson Foundation.
Pink pearls ribbonOrganize a Walkathon
Pink pearls ribbonOrganize a field trip to a museum, art show or shopping. The cost of participation benefits The Lorraine Jackson Foundation.
Pink pearls ribbonHost a concert with your favorite neighborhood band or singing group
Pink pearls ribbonHost an educational day. A topic of interest to your circle of personal and professional acquaintances and friends.
Pink pearls ribbonSell items on e-bay and donate to The Lorraine Jackson Foundation through e-Bay’s donation link

How creative can you get?

Call us to discuss how we can work with you and your fundraising ideas and special events. (310) 753-6556